Social media has been created for the intercommunication amongst people, in particular Twitter. This interconnectivity creates what we call out online persona, the digitally crafted object that brings us to life online.

In my podcast, I highlight what helps create the public presentation of the online self and how it can still be changed by growth of individualizing ones self. Through the hand-in-hand motion of the user-generated hashtag, we have been able to create a new way of networking through streams of popular topics.

Reference List:
1) Hashtags: #MomTexts (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpS4rOwr02s

2) Dave Audé vs Luciana – You Only Talk In #HASHTAGwww.youtube.com/watch?v=53wIN87lJn0

3) Lena Dunham Faces the Hashtag Bag www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkRgJCRKIC4

4) “#Hashtag” with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) www.youtube.com/watch?v=57dzaMaouXA


Digital Crafting – A Playful Time

Digital crafting is a difficult concept to undertake; ultimately it is the change from making to crafting with the added element of digital technology.

I think I have come to some sort of conclusion of this topic and what it really means. Basically it is the integration of material crafting with digital crafting, how they have come together collectively and re-shaped the way we see particular objects that would have initially been made by hand.

This process of digital crafting, gives life to inanimate object, giving them personalities and emotions, used in many popular children’s television shows.

As we can see here it’s the material of Play-Dough that has been formed then digital enhanced through stop-motion to create a television show, interacting greatly with the physical creation of the characters into a digitally modified environment.

McLuhan theory ‘The Medium is the Message’ falls greatly into practice here, with the suggestion of usage, giving more than one meaning or message to a certain object.

Play-Dough it’s first meaning giving to children to play and create new and creative objects has been giving new meaning by the addition of digital crafting, allowing a new world to be created out of a material.

For extra information

Digital crafting can also be seen in other aspects of everyday life as seen in this PDF that takes a look into the digital technology on architecture

Citizen Journalists Vs. Journalists

This is my YouTube video on citizen journalists to collective intelligence. Here I place my thoughts and views on the integration of citizen journalists and journalists, and how they can assist each other, although how ultimately one could override the other.

McLuhan states that we are an “extension of ourselves”, linking closely to citizen journalists, how they use the media to extend themselves further to produce content that is informative yet also sparking debate, using the mediated public sphere.

“Citizen journalists have become regular contributors to mainstream news, providing information and some of today’s most iconic images, especially where professional journalists have limited access or none at all.” Citizen journalists are becoming an essential part of journalism, bringing stories together blending into the stories and bases made by journalists.


Here we have another prezi to show what transmedia really is. It can often be confused with multimedia, multimedia being the same content produced on different mediums. Movies being accessible through digital download, DVD, Blue-Ray and many other forms. Transmedia, is different to multimedia.

Here’s my attempt to explain transmedia using the ever so popular Harry Potter series.

Let’s Talk Remix!

So we’ve all heard and possible tried to recreate a remix over the years. We’ve heard them mostly through music but also from video clips making a mockery out of well-known TV shows or movies.

But have you ever thought of where they all stem from? Remixes all come from a centered idea, which is then manipulated into a different product, something that continues the story in the light of fanfiction. Which allows for the mass audience to be taken back into the realm of fantasy and imagination through someone else’s views and thoughts. But does that not breach the line of copyright?

When we look at remixes we can see where ideas have been blended and molded together to create something new and different. Yet some do not breach copyright laws, yet others do. The most common placement of copyright laws for remixing is placed on the music industry as seen in this article.

However, though there are many fears on copyright when it comes to remixes, we tend to take the risk as an audience to produce our context onto various media platforms. We do this to allow our voices to be heard and showcase our creativity, as we become a more active audience.

We have soundlessly moved from a read only culture to a read and re-write culture, that has allowed us, the audience to explore and express new mediums and ideas that all link to remixing.

Bringing Power Back To The People!

Bringing Power Back To The People! - Imgur

It has become increasingly clear to me that user empowerment and participation has become more popular through the growth and development of convergence. Audiences have become more active within platforms such as facebook, YouTube and twitter allowing them to produce raw content that spark debate and discussion within the public sphere.

This change has created a change in conversation from a one-sided monologic conversation to a dialogic conversation with multiple people, creating a powerful addictive participation from many different angles. One of which comes from the convergence from technology and the introduction of new technologies such as drones and high definition live streaming.

Locked In or Locked Out?

So I thought I would try something new today, instead of posting a plain text blog post I thought I was try creating a presentation of what I have learnt this week in my communications and media lecture. My presentation touches base on locked and generative sources.

Now I know exactly what is going through your mind….What in the world does that mean?

Well I may have the answers you’re looking for! I’m not going to lie to you, this concept had me a little stumped the first time I came across it but I think I have it down so lets get straight into it!

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