Digital Crafting – A Playful Time

Digital crafting is a difficult concept to undertake; ultimately it is the change from making to crafting with the added element of digital technology.

I think I have come to some sort of conclusion of this topic and what it really means. Basically it is the integration of material crafting with digital crafting, how they have come together collectively and re-shaped the way we see particular objects that would have initially been made by hand.

This process of digital crafting, gives life to inanimate object, giving them personalities and emotions, used in many popular children’s television shows.

As we can see here it’s the material of Play-Dough that has been formed then digital enhanced through stop-motion to create a television show, interacting greatly with the physical creation of the characters into a digitally modified environment.

McLuhan theory ‘The Medium is the Message’ falls greatly into practice here, with the suggestion of usage, giving more than one meaning or message to a certain object.

Play-Dough it’s first meaning giving to children to play and create new and creative objects has been giving new meaning by the addition of digital crafting, allowing a new world to be created out of a material.

For extra information

Digital crafting can also be seen in other aspects of everyday life as seen in this PDF that takes a look into the digital technology on architecture


6 thoughts on “Digital Crafting – A Playful Time

  1. Great examples, who doesn’t love a bit of Pingu!
    I agree that the role of digital transformation provides audiences with interesting and innovative experiences, that has come to be so popular that popular television series have been made. The way in which physical objects can be transformed into something with character and ‘life’ with the help of some digital tweaking has made this possible.
    I think your blog post was good and straight to the point, I would say that it reflects similar ideas from what I gathered from this weeks topic.
    Your link to McLuhan’s theory ‘The Medium is the Message’ was clearly relevant, and made a nice connection to a significant idea that we have studied in this course so far.
    Well done 🙂

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  2. loved that you used stop motion as your example for this topic. Pingu and Wallace & Gromit YAS! The inclusions of the clips made your point easier to understand and were a nice touch. It was easy to read and you made your point well. I loved your point that physical objects with the means of creativity can become something more 🙂 Its a great message, which brings me to the inclusion of the good old McLuan theory (nice touch) which really does tie in well to this topic. Overall engaging and well written. Good job 🙂

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  3. I think the topic of craft and digital making really ties in with McLuhan’s notion of ‘the medium is the message’ especially if we look at animation. As mentioned in the lecture, to animate is to bring something to life. By animating something that was basically lifeless we can explore new possibilities in portraying a message.
    Check out this video of an australian claymation animator At 3:50 he talks about there being something magical and enticing about animation and I think that it’s this magic that really adds to the message being portrayed in an animation.

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  4. Really really great post- first thing that stands out is how you incorporated “the medium is the message” into it! You’re entirely correct when you say that this topic was hard to get your head around, I struggled too. But your post is engaging and has given me a better understanding of the topic, with a new great example! I had a good laugh at the Pingu video as well, it brought back a lot of memories.

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