Here we have another prezi to show what transmedia really is. It can often be confused with multimedia, multimedia being the same content produced on different mediums. Movies being accessible through digital download, DVD, Blue-Ray and many other forms. Transmedia, is different to multimedia.

Here’s my attempt to explain transmedia using the ever so popular Harry Potter series.


2 thoughts on “Transmedia

  1. Loved the prezi! As a fan of harry potter and the playstation games I thought the video of all the games was brilliant! What a great source! As you mentioned, by expanding the story through different platforms, you are able to engage a wider audience. Personally I first got into Harry Potter through the films, then the books. It would be interesting to do a survey to see what got people into Harry Potter. Thanks for the read

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  2. Excellent prezi! Harry Potter is a great example of a transmedia narrative as it conveys a story over a variety of platforms to target a larger audience and expand the success of the story. I can definitely relate as I am personally not a Harry Potter fan but I have played the video games and been on Harry Potter rides at theme parks. This really emphasises the success transmedia storytelling has on capturing a wider audience. Thanks for a great read!

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