Digital or Dissent?


To successfully understand digital dissent, we have to able to understand each word as a singular, by coming to a conclusion as to why they are connected and how they can be connected.

It would be easy to think that one link could be made straight from digital to dissent, making the discussion a lot simpler. However when it came down to finding one common link between the two entities, it became known that in every aspect of our lives and our society, digital and dissent were always present.

When thinking about technology in relation to these avenues, it became clear that it wasn’t just us controlling technology but in fact technology controlling us. Bring the discussion into digital dissent even deeper.

To focus on ‘lifestyle’ and ‘addiction’, brought to light how negative the digital world is seen to have. The digital platform reaches a wide audience of different types of people, all with different opinions and not all of them negative or of a rebellious nature. Therefore taking account of ‘activism’ within the area of dissent through various campaigns.

With the close connections each of these words have made, we can look into a sensitive topic of gender. We’ve all seen the digital campaigns that are helping women free themselves from the hierarchy of men, especially through the #freethenipple campaign, which is a proactive movement to empower women all over the world. Although with so much emphasis on women, we forget about men, and how even men can feel the sexualisation that women do.

Therefore with my own research, I want to look into the HeForShe campaign, which looks into equality for both genders all around the world. Looking closely into 3rd world countries as to see how there so-called ‘traditions’ are actually violent acts of sexualisation to both genders. While focusing on this, I want to explore and further understand how digital dissent, in the links of activism, addition and everything else in between have shaped the way we value digital campaigns. I would like to be able to strike a conversation into the opinions of this issue and how each link sparks something different.