It’s My Joke!

Copy Copy Copy - Imgur copyNow its time to get down to the nitty gritty that has taken over the entire internet and has left us feeling uncertain about what is ours and what has been taken over by massive corporations. That’s right we’re talking about copyright!

Copyright are the intellectual rights that the creators or owners have over certain works to prevent other people taking them for themselves. Copyright is just another way for major companies to keep control over the audience to break the theory of ‘the medium is the message’. From my understanding of this if companies create strict copyright laws it means convergence within the message is broken down making it more difficult for the audience, to create content with the fear of being taken to court.

The content has become the battle, the battle of whom it belongs to. I think the prefect representation of this can be seen in Friends where Ross and Chandler fight about a joke being published arguing whose joke it truly was and therefore who got the credit and money for it.

But this is just as bad when its on YouTube because anybody has the power to take someone else’s content and upload it. However, in its entirety I think its safe to say that copyright isn’t something you want to be involved with.

But until next time…Think before you copy!



One thought on “It’s My Joke!

  1. There are some very interesting points you have brought up about copyright in this post, particularly through your example of YouTube as an emerging media platform, and it’s interrelation with modern copyright infringement in some instances. I felt the post was clear, and presented in an easy to understand fashion through modern examples (such as the ‘Friends’ clip), that would allow a viewer, particularly those partial to popular culture, better understand the issue of copyright law. I would suggest adding or referencing a specific case when you state that modern copyright has differed from previous laws, to better help the reader understand when and why this change has occurred, but overall an engaging and informative post.

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