The Creator







The definition of uncanny can be seen as subjective. It is a translation of the German word unheimliche meaning the opposite to what is familiar. Something, which is seen as a mixture of the familiar and unfamiliar, that is often experienced as strange or peculiar. Freud explored the uncanny by using the story of ‘The Sand Man’ fading in and out between the illusion of fantasy and reality. I wanted to merge these two conflicting ideas into one using the fictional story Frankenstein for the bases of my images. I also wanted to incorporate the story of creation as to me it is unsettling to imagine the one being creating us “in his own image”. As child I had a constant fear that my stuffed animals would come to life and play with me at night as I did with them during the day. Therefore using the element of control by and from the creator I made that the main purpose and direction for my images.


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