Start Of Something Beautiful…

Okay…so lets get something straight here, never in my life did I think I would ever have the guts to start a blog, but now it seems I have. The even more astonishing thing, is that I thought I’d never make it into university, given I thought about both these things before but never thought they’d actually work. But here we are 2 years later since the last thought was juiced out of my head…and I’m doing it!


I started a blog and started my first day of uni, all at the same time! And yes you guessed it…this is where the start of something beautiful began…

My first day of uni wasn’t as horrifying as my dreams had had made it out to be, though I still had butterflies in my stomach just walking into the place, even though it was a fairly peaceful place.

It’s such a strange experience to witness an area packed with masses and masses of people. I always thought my uni would be a quiet place, given I had only ever seen it while there weren’t many people there…guess it never occurred to me until yesterday when I couldn’t make out a single face. It was as if they had all morphed into this one huge person, is it weird that when I say that all I can think about is the alien from Alien?

But I think its safe to say I managed to get through the day without a scratch but I did end up with a bite but I think that has more to do with insect really loving to bite me all the time! But that’s beside the point…what the real issues is that I managed to get out of my shell and talk to people…eventually. Although I did keep an eye out for anyone I knew as a helping start, which helped more than I thought it would. For anyone who is shy or socially awkward, will know that we are the type of people that will shy away from confrontation. We will blend into the crowd as not to be seen so people walk right pass us and never think twice…well today I changed that, today I over came my fear faster than I could ever imagine. Which makes me feel that uni may, in fact be the place for me!!

Though this blogging thing on the other hand has got my mind in quite a pickle! I’ve been trying to post this post for days and get my blog up and running the way I want it. It’s crazy! Although I do believe I may have been clicking on the wrong buttons or something of the sort. But now I believe its working!


Though I’m sure I should’t ramble for too long, I mean the week has only just begun. And that for me can be either good or bad, but I guess we’ll soon find out. Though I have a strong feeling that this is the start of something beautiful…and there we have it, I think I said the title enough times to make it into a feature film, any takers?

I guess I’m not as funny as I like to make out. But this here is a chance for the real British side of my personality to come out…here we go…

Pip-Pip Ta-Ta Cheerio


2 thoughts on “Start Of Something Beautiful…

  1. Bee! I’m so glad that you’ve started this blog, I know you’re going to do incredibly and I’ll be here to support you through this journey throughout. I’m so happy to hear that you had a great first day at university and are willing to step out of this bubble that you’ve made for yourself in order to meet new people and welcome change. I think we’ve both come a long way, don’t you? 😉
    I love you to bits and I’ll definitely be keeping up to date with this so keep it up!
    Hannah xo

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