Week 8: Development and Discussion

This week Briana and I set up the video we had proposed in our project pitch. We played around with the idea of creating a dialog through emojis with our own conversations but found that it didn’t have the flow we needed for a coherent conversation.

From this, we decided to pick a scene from the popular sitcom ‘Friends: The One With Ross’ New Girlfriend’, and translated it into emoji form. This is what we were left with:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 3.04.55 PM.png

Within the editing process, we decided that we could have subtitles of the actual lines instead of the emoji’s we had been saying as the lines translations. We found that using the emojis on-screen made the piece a bit tacky and didn’t give the audience much time to engage with the piece.

Once we put up the video, Briana and I found elements which we didn’t like and weren’t too sure of. However, to our surprise, Matt liked the idea and concept behind the video and saw great potential in the project.However, to our surprise, Matt liked the idea and concept behind the video and saw great potential in the project.


From our own observations and suggestions made by the class, we have decided that in order to project this work further we will try different ways of displaying the emoji conversation for next week and see which ones work and which could be used in conjunction with one another to create the final piece. We discussed looking into displaying the conversation or short story through photos to give a ‘walk through’ effect for the audience with the audio playing through speakers above the images.

We have come up with a few ideas, which we wish to test out next week, these include the use of a picture book or stories with narratives:

  • Using images from a picture book but having the audio track read out in emojis

We may try playing with emojis on screen to see what kind of reaction we get from the audience before totally disregarding that element.

  • Audio of story but emojis on the screen
  • Text messages of a story in the form of emojis
  • Pictures on the wall of the scene with emojis replacing the words of children stories with an audio track of the actual words

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