Week 6: Project Pitch

For this project, I will be working in collaboration with Briana Wallace.

1) INITIAL CONCEPT: What is your idea, and how do you see this project relating to your practice?

An exploration of how communications have changed through the development of new technology. Specifically, how has the emoji changed the way people interact with each other. This relates heavily to our practice of emerging technologies exploring how emojis are being used as their own form of expression and language. Also linking to our field as marketers through a key underpinning of marketing communication between the brand and the consumer through different communication styles.


“This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.” ~McLuhan

The inspiration for this idea comes from Marshall McLuhan concept “the medium is the message”. The main idea behind this concept is that the medium that content is carried across plays a vital role in its perception. Suggesting, that the medium in which we choose to communicate holds as much, if not greater, value than the message itself. The medium through which a message is seen shapes the audience’s opinion of the message.

2) AESTHETIC/INSTALLATION: What will your project look like? What type of equipment and installation processes do you imagine this project would require? Would the work be able to be shown in a variety of spaces?

The project will consist of a video projection, onto the gallery wall or played in the black box with sound. The video will showcase a conversation between two people who say the emoji they would use in a text based conversation out loud.

The following video is an example of what we wish to create for our project.


In order to project the video, we would require a projector, speakers, a screen and space wither in the gallery or black box.

3) AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: How do you envisage people engaging with this artwork? What sort of experiences do you hope to inspire in your audiences?

Our project will engage the audience through the conversation they observe and listen to whilst viewing the video. We hope that our work will inspire the audience to consider how they communicate now, how they communicated in the past and how they will communicate in the future.

4) LOGISTICAL NOTES: How will you make the project happen? Would you need additional skills to help the idea happen? Would you need to find contractors/collaborators to assist you to realise this project idea?

In order for this project to be successful at answering or contributing to the question, “how we communicate with one other, in the past, present and future?” we will need to research the effects McLuhan concept has on different mediums and how this influences conversations.

For the editing of the video, we will need to acquire video editing skills in order produce a clean cut video and audio track. We could collaborate with others for this aspect of the project but developing our skills in this area would help us expand our knowledge and skills for our portfolios.



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