Week 5 – Recreating the Old

This week we were asked to look for an artist or work that resonated with our practice and our professional statements for our websites.

We, unfortunately, ran out of time to experiment with the chosen artworks, however, did get time to research and gain a deeper understanding of what we wanted to explore and if there was anyone else who held the same ideas as we did.

Briana and I were lucky enough to follow the same practice as well as the same concept to explore the future of language as a digital form. We had discussed before, how we wanted to showcase and explore the emergence of emojis in everyday language.

Looking for an artist with this same passion was quite the struggle, however, we did come across a Ukrainian artist Nastya Ptichek, who created a five-part series crossing the digital work over with classical stylings of art through painting. Her inspiration came from the realisation “that standard iOS emojis strongly resemble some well-known paintings of famous artists,” like this emoji representation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.




Nastya Ptichek found a clever way to help people connect with our artistic past by using her own contemporary spin. She bridged together a “clever and interesting commentary on the impact that technology and the Internet have has on our lives”. Her work incorporates emoticons into classical paintings, showcasing the correlation between emerging technologies and classical art, which aims to reflect the character of the people in the digital age.

After exploring Ptichek’s deeper message into her work we decided that we would recreate her work as a stepping stone for our final piece, bridging together the traditional aspects of art and the digital age, almost bringing back what was lost and putting a new spin on it.

This is what we were experimenting with today:


the-starry-night emoji.jpg


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