Week 4: Art of the Future

This week we visited the MCA and UTS Art Gallery to view the works centered around the theme of the future to use as inspiration for our own final works. Here are some of the works that stood out for me:





As I mentioned in my preview post, Briana and I are looking to collaborate on our final work, centered around future languages, of the emoji language.

By looking around the galleries we got an idea of what we knew we didn’t want to do and how we wanted to present the work, spatially and conceptually. From this experience, we have decided that we want to create an interactive installation which allows the audience to play with this “new” language.

“When emoji appear with text, they often supplement or enhance the writing. This is similar to gestures that appear along with speech. Over the past three decades, research has shown that our hands provide important information that often transcends and clarifies the message in speech. Emoji serve this function too – for instance, adding a kissy or winking face can disambiguate whether a statement is flirtatiously teasing or just plain mean.” (Cohn, 2015)

We are looking into creating a work using Arduino attached to an emoji keyboard, which will allow the audience to come up and create their own message.
To add to the work I think we should add still-photo works of translated texts from the English language to the emoji language, as was done with one of the works from the Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday exhibit as seen below.



I feel this addition to aid with the work, giving context to the audience as well as the work.


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