The Final Stretch

After discussions made by the group, we came to the conclusion of changing our set in regards to the screen and speaker system. Moving from the black sheet and DIY’ed speakers to a white two-way screen with stand-alone speakers. This was done to make the work look more professional and clean-cut, as a result from Matt’s suggestions made during previous weeks, that there was too much happening.



Final set-up


During last weeks iteration we found playing the video from two sides of the screen gave off a ghosting effect that worked in our favour. To expand on this we decided to reshoot the video allowing the audio and lighting to work in one fluid motion. This created a contrast between the faces and allowed half of each face to come together as one in certain areas. The enhancement of the shadow and lighting effect also allowed us to create more expression through the face without having to use actual facial expressions. Thus leaving an ambiguous effect on the audience, as the true emotion of the person is left to be questioned.



Final video 




Final video


If we were to change anything, we definitely go back to making the video landscape and make the faces bigger on the screen instead of leaving it portrait. However, all in all, I believe the piece came together nicely in the end. Though we some major direction changes the elements we wanted to enhance and focus on were done effectively. Given more time, we’d be able to fix minor details and possibly focus on the sound element a little more.


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