Week 13: Coming to an end

This week we changed our space from a corridor effect running down the length of the gallery to a single screen work. Having only needed to make a few minor adjustments to the space by adding a black sheet to project on and moving the speakers; the focal point became the visual and audio elements in sync with each other.



The new set up.




While Briana and I rearranged the screen and placement of speakers that would work with our new space, the boys went out to improve the footage they had created last week, by playing around with different tones when recording the dialog and using different emotions when filming the video.

By the end of the class today we realised we had a solid foundation for our final piece. Our areas of expansion are on creating more of a conversation between the video and audio, making them talk to each other. To achieve this we will experiment with projecting on both sides of the black sheet using recordings from the side of the face and placing them at opposite ends of the screen behind each other. We will also look at poems of conversational dialog that will help us fill the gap between the visual aspects and create curiosity with the audience.

Our concept is to create light and shadow displacement within the visual element and within the audio element as well by using a stereo effect when presenting the sound allowing it to move with the video and around the space.


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