Week 12: Breaking Boundaries

This week we made some big progress with the sound system Briana and I started creating last week, completing it with the last of speakers and testing it out in its full capacity.


Shaun and Nathan worked on the footage needed for the video focusing on lighting the face and moving it to create different shadowing on the face which in turn altered the expressions.

Joel and Sam worked on the audio for the piece looking into dialog through to poems relating to sadness and happiness. This was done after the suggestion made by Jo and Matt to test out dialog instead of using music. In practice it worked well, the only way to change would be to slow it down and vary the tones to portray more emotion into the sounds.


After reviewing the work we did today, we decided that projecting just off the wall onto a black sheet will not only eliminate the shadowing of the projection edges but also may work better in our space.

In the video created today the, Shaun and Nathan were reciting the poems and not creating any facial expressions. For next week we are thinking of recording the footage without them speaking, possibly only using one person for both sets of expressions and experimenting with Nathan’s suggestion of creating rhythm in time with the rhythm of the spoken poem. Experimenting with the movement of the light and turning it on and off to create a dialog with the visual and the audio and break reality.


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