Week 9: The First Step

During this weeks experimentation, it took us a little longer to refine our ideas. We did start off with some miscommunication and spending a lot of time discussing and not enough time experimenting.

Realising that in the previous week we had too many elements, with the sound, space, and projection. This meant that we didn’t really have a direction, we just put every idea anyone came up with and put it into one installation.


Therefore, this week we decided to simplify our installation by focusing on three elements of sound, space, and video. We split up into 3 groups of two each focusing on one of the elements, creating a piece that focused on sound and a correlating visual to confuse the audience. Relating it back to our initial brainstorm at the beginning of the project.

Brainstorm 1.jpg

Knowing we had too much happening with our other installation we decided to make it simpler by changing the space from a narrow room that only allowed only one person to view the work at a time to a more open space, allowing the audience to walk around the space.

We discussed having multiple screens looking at three small screens all sectioned off but when we started putting it together we realised it wold be harder to work with and more complicated to get the photographic frames to work. This is when we opted to project onto the wall having a piece of cloth/paper used to divide the two screens.

Set up .jpg

It was later suggested that this may not be the best way to present the work, but instead using the space more to our advantage by placing the projections at either end of the room would work better for the effect of the piece.

But this is the direction and the foundation to our final piece. Next week we will be wokring on refining the three elements of the piece, specifically working on the spatial element.

Final set up .jpg




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