Week 8: Experiment: Consequences of Media Consumption

In this week’s tutorial, we aimed to create a work that encompassed a common element from all of our individual pitches.

We found that distortion, interactivity, and awareness were among of the few common elements found in our pitches. From here we decided to discuss the various common elements to create one cohesive idea that we could workshop.


We dabbled with a few ideas mainly revolving around the idea of social media and our consumption with it in our daily lives, looking into the reactions and psychological depth into social interaction behind a screen.

We were all in agreement to create an interactive piece that would showcase the discomfort you actually feel while online. Though when you are using social media in your everyday life you seem free the reality is that you are constantly being watched, judged and beckoned by every ping your phone makes.

It was from this that we looked into a small space, such as the cupboard to really create the essence of a cage. We then created a video of flashing notification commonly found on facebook and featured an array of annoying pinging sounds to really get the mind confused and simulated to find out what was going on.

MEDA - media content.jpg

Due to the space we had to work with we found projecting the video onto the wall was harder than expected, as we couldn’t angle the projector down enough we opted to use a mirror to reflect the image upside down onto the floor. This allowed us to play around with distortion, which was one of our common elements.

Trapped MEDA.jpg

Reflecting back on our work, we did find that we had too many elements being used at once and it did take away from what we wanted to show. For next week, I propose that we dedicate our time to one element and see how we can work with that to create elements of our final piece.


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