Project Pitch


In my last blog post, I made reference to the Out of Hand exhibition regarding Mattew Gardiner and his work “The Future Unfolds” as an inspiration for my final piece of materialising the digital. But unlike last week I have some sort of idea that uses Gardiner’s work as the foundation for creating my own piece through some of the elements used in his work.

To begin with, I didn’t know what aspects I wanted to take from Gardiner’s work, however, by reverse engineering his process, I was able to gain a better understanding of the different elements, which ultimately gave me a few ideas of my own.

How was the work made?
The work was made by using sensors, lighting and a polyester fabric placing them together to bridge the elements of nature, origami, and robotics.

What materials was used?
Polyester fabrics which is “deformable by heat and can be programmed with an oribotic pattern that will last for the life of the material and over repeated interactions” (AEC, 2010).

What kinds of processes were used?
Gardiner first developed the idea by researching the biological side of folding proteins in nature and the robotics field of sensors and lights.

Was there much experimentation involved? What purpose did these experimentations serve?
Experimentation was done throughout the process of this work, however, was heavily conducted during the initial stage of folding paper to create a pattern. It was through this experimentation that Gardiner realised paper was not durable enough for the excessive movement he wanted it for so took to a 3D printer to create a polyester fabric which to be more durable to the works movement.

From this research, I found two elements that I wish to develop further into my final piece. The use of light and distortion to create an interactive work. In a brainstorming session in class today, I came up with a few ideas that incorporate light and distortion that could be refined into an interactive piece.


I want to explore the idea of creating a kaleidoscope either in goggle form or through projection of moving shapes onto everyday objects or through arranging mirrors of different sizes with lights shining down on them at different angles to give off a fragmented effect. I also had a thought of combining my ideas with one of my peers, who was looking into augmented reality.
Honestly speaking my ideas are still a little all over the place, however, this has allowed me to get one step further to a final idea.


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