Opportunities and Mentors


The opportunities running in the field of social media management, digital content creator and media and marketing, are endless with different avenues that can lead to my potential dream job.

There are certain qualifications and skills that are needed within this field of work.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.19.51 AM.png

The skills that are predominately used/ needed are:
– Verbal and written communication skills
– Computer skills, such as WordPress, Adobe software and in some cases basic knowledge of HTML
– Video creativity
– Visual art skills
– Self-motivation
– Teamwork skills
– Camera skills
– Problem solving

This week we looked into what jobs and internships we could possibly get and in what ways we would prep for these roles based on the advice we have received from our mentors. I for one had never thought about who my mentors were especially because the people I know are not aiming or in the field, I wish to proceed to. However, I got to thinking about anyone and everyone who had ever given me advice or taught me something I did know or would recommend my skills and knowledge to someone else.

However, I was able narrowed it down to one person who I consider as my mentor in life, whether it be in the field I wish to go into or not.

Mentor – a person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time, especially at work or school

Cambridge Dictionary 

That person is my friend and ex-colleague, she worked with me and trained me with the in’s and out’s of my job at pandora. She has offered countless advice on selling, the practices of personal and point-of-sale advertising, and the key elements to visual merchandising, but has also given my advice on following my passions and interests. She has since moved on to other work and one of those areas was with a publishing agency, where she kindly offered to give me a recommendation to one of her colleagues working with social media. However, due to my lack of experience and her change of work this opportunity fell through, though I am happy to call this particular person my mentor as I watched her learn a new skill in an area which she was most interested, making it her passion.

I am sure that alongside my career path towards my potential and dream job I will find other people who I feel have influenced and participated in my work and offered advice and guidance.


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