Passion and Finding your Hero!


This week, we looked at finding our hero and our motivations/passions for the fields we wish to get into once our university path is over. Trying to find a hero that has made me want to pursue digital marketing and the production of advertising and digital content, was hard and something that I hadn’t thought much about.

However, finding a campaign or company who has changed my views and evoked an emotional response was easy. Pandora (jewellery) have produced countless advertising campaigns that strike a chord with their consumers as they highlight the beauty in all women.

My favourite one has to be the 2015 mother’s day campaign.

The imagery and focus on care and love of a mother and child was something that stuck with me. The fact that they didn’t focus heavily on the produce made the campaign feel more genuine to the cause it was trying to promote. Using the element of the personal touch allowed their audience to experience what the women in the advert were feeling through their own experiences with their children.

However, my main hero is the McCann London group who have joined Pandora’s efforts in their new campaign to make based more around female empowerment.

Senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Padnora Minna Philipson (2016), states, “McCann understood the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us, and developed a range of innovative creative solutions for the coming year to help us become the world’s most loved jewellery brand.”


McCann London have been helping brands discover their true stories since 1927, believing that when true stories are told in a memorable way they can change things for the better.


McCann London are joined with some of the most well-known companies in the world, helping them tell their stories and reinvent themselves into a new brand that harbours unique and real stories


McCann London’s Client List

Influencers in their field

McCann London are the leading global marketing firm providing today’s marketers with the best-in-class strategic and creative services describing itself as;

“humming away in a 1930s art deco car park by Russell Square is McCann London. We’re a 200ish-strong team, dedicated to telling the truth and doing it well. Fuelling us along is gallons of tea, coffee and the desire to grow brands through creativity and innovation” (McCann, 2017).

They have produced multiple advertising campaigns that focus on the truth and empowering those surrounding the issue or product. Their methods vary from short film production, installations and print media, each showcasing a different side to the company and it’s creative ability as a whole.

There are some of the campaigns the organisation have helped to create.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.52.10 PM

Road Safety at Cannes – Print Media

Ellie Goulding Priceless Surprises – MasterCard

Joey Essex Phenomenally Thick – Cup a Soup

L’ORÉAL – Age Perfect


Mindmap of McCann London



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