Finding Your Practice


Do you see yourself or your learning situate in an existing field?

It’s hard to narrow down what field I see myself progressing into, however, within the Communications and Media Studies degree I have found many areas that I enjoy as well as ones that I can see myself learning and pursue a daily practice in. Throughout this degree I have found different areas which I feel I succeed in and would like to gain further knowledge and skill into the pathways of, video editing, social media management and digital content manager.

Write down some key words that describe this field, actions or tasks related to this field.


Circle the activities, tasks, or keywords that interest you or you identify as avenues you would like to pursue.

  • Digital Content Manager
  • Video Editor
  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Management

Look through the projects that you created in the past (academic or outside of university), find one that interests you the most. Describe the project in one or two sentences.

There are a few projects I have participated in and created within and outside of university. Many of them have consisted of short videos or films, like the one below which I was the script writer, producer, director and editor for.

I also created a Facebook page where I was the content creator and content monitor for, thus sparking my interest in digital media creation and management.

Write down some keywords about the project: ideas explored, actions taken, or skills learnt.


Write down five of the most important skills and knowledge that you consider vital to your learning in your field of practice.

Researching the skills needed in the field of digital content management are:

  1. High velocity of digital change
  2. Developed skills with technology tools and platforms
  3. Good digital design skills
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Passionate about social and digital media

Circle the skills/ knowledge that you would like to pursue the most.

Developed skills with technology tools and platforms.


Practice is key when developing and maintaining skills. A skill I developed through practice was video editing.

How often do you to practise?

I practiced video editing whenever I had something that interested me, with footage I had recorded to practice on every now and then.

What does your practice session consist of?

Experimenting with different cuts, fades, tones and sequencing. Trying to create a cohesive piece of work.

What happened during each practice session?

I would take a bit of footage and experiment with placement in a sequence and the different ways I could fade into the scene. As well as the emotional effect each scene would have in relation to the story I was trying to tell.

How would you gauge whether you are improving?

Placing each of my works together can gauge how I have improved with practice. Each transition is smoother and there is a little more attention to detail.

What happens physically when you stop practising?

The muscle memory that you acquired throughout the process of practicing is lost, everything becomes foreign territory again. I have seen this happen to myself when I stopped editing little pieces of video and in other aspects of my life.


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