The Internet of Things: A Work in Progress

Over the last 12 weeks we have jumped into the digital world head first uncovering the deep truths of the Internet and what it hides. But today we uncover the last link of the Internet and that is…


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. (Rouse, 2016)

This week’s lecture focused on how the development of the Internet of things has changed over time, thereby ‘transforming it [the Internet] from being a mostly intangible collection of data to encompass ‘things’ that people can touch’ (McDonald, 2012)

Meaning everyday objects can become active participants within our daily lives. I decide to dabble in this with the only connection I have. Siri. I talked to Siri as if she were an object with a mind of it’s own, which in a sense she is.

I believe that though technology is changing and we are moving towards objects that have the ability to communicate with us, and one that I have communication with is Siri. The barrier that was once blocking effective communication with our devices changed when Siri was introduced and was able to understand our commands and talk back to us. Though it’s not always effective and Siri does have trouble understanding what you want, she is the start of the new movement.


14 thoughts on “The Internet of Things: A Work in Progress

  1. Bahahaha that audio intro was hilarious, just proves that although we have smart devices that are able to collect data and connect to the web they are not always so smart. In order for the Internet of Things to truly reach the potential we aim for we will have to start giving our devices artificial intelligence. Only when devices can predict and act independently will the internet of things boom. This article by WIRED explains how without AI the ability of devices to record big data means nothing if the machines don’t know how to sort and learn from it.


  2. I like how you referred to Siri in this post! It gave me a better view of how we are actually interacting with objects more and more, as something like Siri would have been considered some magical robot back when technology was first coming in to the picture – now I have Siri turned off because I’m more concerned about it going off in class and lectures. Great way of explaining the Internet of Things, also, the references you used were helpful!


  3. Great post and podcast! The use of integrating Siri throughout this post really helped to create a more relaxed style. I definitely agree that though technology is changing and we are moving towards objects that have the ability to communicate with us, the barrier that was once blocking effective communication with our devices changed when Siri was introduced and was able to understand our commands and talk back to us. The program’s influence definitely helped our day to day lives but I’m not sure if its made these devices ‘smarter’. Your post shows it’s not hard to see why IoT is such a hot topic today as it certainly opens the door to a lot of opportunities as well as many challenges as with billions of devices being connected together, making sure our information stays secure is very important. This prezi shows both positive and negative attributes of IoT and is definitely worth the read, check it out:
    Can’t wait to read more!


  4. Hey,
    Siri is such a great example of IoT. You reminds me of the example of the smart home mentioned in the lecture. Machine nowadays is not only machine. Like the smart home, which can catch emotions of its owner to prepare stuffs and shows sympathy, Siri has its own sense of humour, like it is an independent mind. Oh, and that reminds me of J.A.R.V.I.S as well. Technology has gone so far that sometimes it makes me feel like I’m falling behind. I’d love to see how far it will go and to see the artificial intelligence exceeds that of human, as mentioned in this article (


  5. I loved your audio piece, it was really funny and I feel that it showed the current limitations we have with some technology. With the Internet of Things, advancements with technology such as Siri, could mean that one day its actually able to reply to those types of questions. This Forbes article discusses the future of Siri, which really is an interesting idea, that could make everything so much easier in the future.


  6. I loved the audio piece, very funny and very frustrating at the same time. Great use of the readings throughout the post. Focusing on Siri made the concept relatable, and it shows we might still have some work to do in the communication skills of our tech.


  7. Hi Binaisha,

    I really enjoyed your podcast at the beginning of the post. It brings up a great example of the ‘Internet of things’ and it is realistic because that’s your own case. You got huge respect from me for being so patient talking to Siri because Siri is one of the most annoying thing of mine using Iphone.
    I also liked how you provided an academic definition then turned back to our lecture. This allows readers to have a big picture of the topic.
    This example of Siri is great as obviously it needs improvement. But it is true as you said, she is the start of something new. ‘Fail early, fail often’, right ?
    My recommendation is that maybe you should find some other cases of voice recognition devices to show how the technology has evolved. Amazon Echo is a great example that I consider outperforming Siri at the moment. You can take a look here:

    Hope to read more from you.


  8. Really liked seeing an audio post! So good and really funny. You linked the notion of IoT to siri and I never really saw it that wy until now, which is great. I’m still grasping the notion of IoT so seeing relevant examples like this is great. It was interesting to see how she didn’t react how you wanted her to a lot of the time- Reflective of many people’s fears regarding the IoT revolution- In that we can’t trust technology to be able to do everything. While it can be excused, considering this is one of the first examples of IoT we saw from Apple- with many more to come, it is only going to get greater and more powerful from here. This article describes the potential of the Internet of Things in shaping our future-


  9. Great post!
    Was really interesting and funny to hear your audio piece! I really enjoyed how you simplified the idea of IOT and therefore made it much easier to understand. Personally, I am very wary of IOT and feel like it has the potential to be incredibly vulnerable to hackers. Also, do we seriously need to have all our appliances and devices connected to the internet? It seems like we do, based on the progress being made.


  10. Love the approach you have taken by using Siri. Although Siri system in understanding people are not the best. There are other machines that have in fact learn how to communicate with humans better. For example Jibo, this is a cute robot that actually talks to you. It has an AI system that allows it to learn about the people they interact with and customize themselves towards them. He is also able to connect to other devices around the house. Overall there has been an increase development of machines that can connent and do much more. Here is the link to know more about Jibo


  11. Great post!
    The use of Siri to demonstrate your argument was very clever and entertaining. I think the last point you made, that devices cannot always understand what we want, is really interesting. We hear so much about ‘smart’ technology, but is it really so? For example, if you search “picture of a monkey” on Google, it will provide you with many pictures of monkeys, but if you search “picture of something other than a monkey” it will still provide you with pictures of a monkeys. This source ( explores the ‘fails’ of smart technology, and how maybe we aren’t as technologically advanced as we think we are.
    – Claire


  12. Great succinct post! Siri is such a good example of iot, I had never really looked at in the way of iot until reading this. I like that you included your own personal opinion at the end too. Would have been cool to see some more images in your post. Good work 🙂


  13. Your podcast was very funny and really complimented your blog post well! Siri never works for me, so the fact that you basically had a conversation (albeit she didn’t really get your questions) is amazing! Siri is definitely a great example of IoT because Siri is constantly evolving and learning more about us and the world. All our devices definitely have the potential to have artificial intelligence just like her. You explain the IoT very well, by having Rouse’s definition as your intro it educated readers on the topic straight away! You have amazing writing skills and I can’t wait to read more of your work.


  14. Really great post and I continue to love your informative podcasts. The IoT is such an interesting topic and I love how you used the unique example of Siri to demonstrate this. It’s unbelievable to think that the IoT could possibly allow for when an alarm goes off on your mobile that it could trigger your coffee machine to start making coffee for you! This is a fascinating article that talks about how the IoT is steering and on-demand economy:


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