Stop & Drop: The Social Experiment


This is the social experiment I conducted in response to the research I found on the human attention span and the anxieties surround our phones, as mentioned in my previous post. This experiment follows Alanah, (who has given consent for her information to be used and viewed on a public forum), to better understand her interaction with her phone.

For this experiment I spent half an hour monitoring Alanah’s attention span while watching TV counting how many times she touched or interacted with her phone. For the other half hour, I took Alanah’s phone away from her and monitor her reaction and feelings towards not having her phone around her.

Watch the video above to see how the experiment unfolded.

Comment below your thoughts on the research and how you would feel if your phone was taken away from you. Do you think 30 minutes without your phone is excessive like Alanah?

Also, your participation would be greatly appreciated if you could complete my survey to give me more information for my research. Your answers will remain anonymous but will be placed on my blog for further analysis and to draw a conclusion.


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