Social media has been used as a tool to create change on many occasions, however the most successful attempts have been for activism campaigns. Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram have all been used to grab the attention of a wider audience and display a message of concern and need for help and change. The cross broader impact that such social media campaigns have on the situation at hand are enormous, allowing companies and people from all parts of the world to have their part.

The #mena #arabsrping and #maidan are just a few of the campaigns that were mentioned in this weeks topic of social network revolutions, however there have been many more such as the Peter Greste case, of the Australian journalist being jailed in Egypt. A social media campaign was launched for his freedom, attracting the eye of many famous celebrities as well as the Australian public and the rest of the world.

Though there are many social media campaigns that don’t have the greatest impact, much like the Yemen campaign there are many more that do their create a direct impact and call for the help of others as well as a widespread change.


2 thoughts on “#HashtagRevolution

  1. It’s great that social media gives us an opportunity to spread awareness about social and political issues. Remember KONY2012 how that captivated all of us? What a sham.. But that 30 minute video still had us interested and wanting to help in any possible way. Social media activism helps us to shed light on issues which may be unknown to some, which is awesome because it can inform people who have no idea what is going on. But with social media being open to EVERYONE, how do we know that what we are reading or watching is true? Like KONY for example, we were all taken in for something which ended up being untrue.


  2. Your meme is hilarious and very relevant. I think it would have been interesting if you maybe delved a little bit more into why some revolutions take off due to Facebook and why others don’t. I think this could have been done by exploring hacktivism. Here are some articles that you might be interested in that speak to theses issues:


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