My Attention Span



This week I was meant to conduct a small experiment on someone to test their attention with the presence of social media devices. However, I thought instead of testing someone else, I thought I would test myself. Now to give you an indication on how bad my attention span has been just this morning, it is showing that media devices do cause a lot of distraction.

This morning I woke up at 7:00, did and workout and decided by 8:30 I was going to be unbelievably productive today so I could have my Saturday free before having to go to work on Sunday. However, I have spent 5 hours going down the rabbit hole of YouTube before finally realising that it’s 1:30 and I should probably get some work done.


What my computer screen looks like right now…ooops?!

I would like to put a disclaimer out there that I am usually very good at trying to overcome my distractions that are connected to social media or anything else for that matter. However, I have recently become a tremendously busy person who has no time to really stop and take time to relax. Therefore, when I find myself doing something I don’t really feel like doing I do find myself actually looking for a distraction to take myself away from having to completely the task at hand.

Although today is very much proving to be a very difficult day for me but should make for a good review of distractions and social media.

Now I must say that when I have multiple plies of work to complete I do find myself multi-tasking not only from one project to the next but also from social media accounts to tap into my free time at the same time. Admittedly I also do this during my classes at uni (sorry mum and dad). But as well all known our generation of people who have grown up with the rise of social media and constantly being connected is somewhat of a necessity for us. I often feel like it is a subconscious act when we get our phones out when we’re bored or go straight to our laptops when someone says something that interests us and we want to look it up then and there. I often don’t even realise that my first instinct is to reach for my phone or laptop, but the fact of that matter is that I can’t always live without my devices that can and will connect me to social media.

Although I’m not the type to constantly post things on social media I am the sort that will endlessly scroll through posts until I get hungry or fed up…usually the hunger kicks in first. And I often can leave my phone at home and go about my day (keeping in mind, usually whoever I’m with has their phone on them). However, there are a lot of people in the world who can’t live without their devices or being connected. Scientists have now concluded that humans have a shorter attention span to those of gold fish, highlighting that the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds since the 2000’s. Coinciding with the introduction to smart phones, therefore making it clear that smartphones and our need to stay connected have affected our attention spans dramatically to 8 seconds, which leaves gold fish better than us at a 9 second attention span.

I use to have a friend who would constantly be on their phone when we went out, this would infuriate me something stupid! I couldn’t grasp how someone who wanted to see me and hangout with me couldn’t take the time to put their phone down for an hour and actually take in what was happening in front of them.

(This video is a perfect example of what I’m talking about…just saying.)

Honestly I still can’t fathom it and it annoys me far too much when people do that. I mean I guess I can’t be all that upset because I in fact do it myself on odd occasions and it is part of my lifestyle however, I do believe that it is good to disconnect every once in a while.


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