Project Proposal


To be quite frank I haven’t put much thought into what I wanted to do for my digital narrative in my BCM240 course. It has taken me much longer to try and figure out what it is I want to tackle and how I want to tackle it. But I have come up with some sort of an idea, taking from lectures 6 and 8 I wish to explore a select handful of people on their device habits and observe how they interact with their devices on a daily bases. I will use the tools of ethnography to help with the progression of my project, drawing comparisons from each individual I have interviewed to gain a broader perspective on our connectivity to our devices and online.

I wish to create a series of experiments in different social situations to see how people are connected to the online world and how they feel about being in a social situation without a phone or some sort of device at hand. I want to showcase how it has become a necessity part of our lives to have a phone beside us at all times and how without it can cause a level of insecurity and anxiety.

As someone who has grown up with different platforms to share our thought and opinions on it does strike my curiosity into how we would lead our lives in a different manner if we were not so connected all the time and how people would about their surroundings and themselves if they had lost the ability to do so.

It would be great to get a better understanding of the relationship we uphold with our devices and the online world, have our online habits changed into what we deem as reality or can we still draw the line between real life and our online life.


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