Oranges or Pears. Apples or Androids.

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That’s the question…?

There is a common misconception when talk about the “battle” of iPhone vs. Android, often it is thought as which one looks better, have better functionalities and so forth. However, the main debate over the two products is not about the products themselves but more to do with the software each of them possesses. This is better known as a close or open system.  Therefore the angle has shifted to the preference of comfort or freedom.

Now if you are an Apple user, you’re living in the constructs of a walled garden. Apple’s software works on a closed platform whereby no one is able to copy or reconstruct their operating system, meaning Apple maintains control over the platform, and it’s content and the user.

This is a direct contrast to the Android operating systems as they work on an open platform, whereby the use has the freedom to change and modify its operating system. Google have expanded this open system by introducing Google Play and other unofficial app markets where users can create their own apps and place them on these services. This allows for Google to have virtually no control over the platform, it’s content and the users.

I for one am an Apple user and like the comfort of it’s services, it allows for efficiency and connectivity among my other Apple devices, which makes my life a whole lot easier. Now I’m not disputing Android’s capabilities, perhaps if I knew how to work the system then I would prefer the freedom to create and produce content, but for my purposes this is not needed.

Therefore the questions remains do you prefer the comfort of Apple and it’s walled garden or the freedom on Google Android systems?

Let me know you thoughts below!


8 thoughts on “Oranges or Pears. Apples or Androids.

  1. This “Apple vs Android” talk brings me back to the early weeks of BCM112 haha, and you used this as an example in regards to this week’s topic really effectively. It comes down to a centrally controlled system in apple or openly free in Android. Very interesting to examine how many people around us use either Apple or Android. Most of my friends are Apple users, and it’s interesting how Apple, a centrally controlled system has more appeal than a freely operated one, but then again, maybe in general it comes down to aesthetics and popularity?

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  2. I too am like you. An apple user.
    I think this is due to the ability to sync multiple apple devices together which i have, sharing my content across man different devices.
    I have however heard many state that android is better, and will eventually start looking at converting to android once my Macbook has decided to shit itself. At the moment though id really struggle to sync android with apple, because apple just doesn’t make that available for its users which i guess is understandable.
    It will however convert your android data to apple??

    It would be interesting to see if both android and apple could work together so content can flow between one another without such a hassle…


  3. How easy is Apple when it comes to having all your devices synced together! I’m like you too, I do realise that Android has all these capabilities however, I simply don’t need them (or am interested). Hence, Apple is just an easy platform. Speaking of Apple, have you heard anything about the new iPhone 7? This link makes a few interesting comparisions between various apple models, along with competitor brands too. Well worth a skim over!

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  4. Hi Binaisha

    Before raising the question, you did well depicting the whole picture of the situation. Apple is an example of the ‘walled garden’ which provides it total control over what happens and its users. However, this control brings about comfort to customers.
    On the other hand, Android gives all the control to its users. Everyone can engage in the process of creating and uploading contents to make better use of the system. It seems like Android has no control, but actually it has huge control as the users, who hold control, dedicate to it.
    I myself understand the advantages of the open-source system but I still prefer using iOS. I had one Android tablet and it is somehow inconvenient to me when choosing apps from Google Play or other third-party market as I am bombarded with tons of apps with no information of them. However, Apple store provides apps that are selected and reviewed carefully so it makes the process easier.
    This online source justifies what I just argued I think you might take a look at.
    My recommendation for this post is that maybe you should provide more views on other aspects of these two systems such as the ecosystem they create so readers may think more about rather than just focusing on apps.

    Great post. Hope to read more from you.


  5. Your image depicts the first world problem that many of us face today regarding the decision towards our technological uses. We are now either tethered to a specific platform or involved with a generative one. I found a well rounded and balance reading providing insight from both sides of the fence regarding Apple and Android, how the operating systems function, what they offer and how they could be improved. []

    It could better your sense within the platforms or help you decide what your next purchase is. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. Personally, I am an apple user. Even as a student who received a laptop with school, i decided to purchase a Macbook Pro, it was my first apple investment to match with my Christmas gift of an ipod touch. I believe that Apple products hold some kind of heirarchy over other devices. I’m not sure why though, we are so limited with what we can actually do on our apple products. Android devices are so open and have much higher capabilities than iphones. Perhaps it is just for social status or to say “yeah, i’m a mac user” while PC users roll their eyes.

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  7. Hey thanks for the blog, I think your meme summed up one of the hardest questions for our generation. I went through the hard iPhone/ Andrioid decision a couple months ago as my 3rd iPhone finally gave it in. I agree with you in that there was so much comfort in owning and an Apple device and the interconnectedness of all their products definitely made me want to stick around. I ended up going with an Android largely due to pricing rather than the freedom. 6 months into owning an Android for the first time I’m definitely enjoying the freedom and starting to realise how much of a walled garded iOS software is.

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  8. I am also an apple user and really enjoy the comfort this brings in regards to the walled garden. I have thought about switching over to experience what it’s like on the android side, but honestly I like apple so much why would I want to risk being taken away from the walled garden plus, I think it would be a big change in the end.
    I think that the meme you added to your post really worked well as I’m thinking that it’s something that some people ponder before going out and committing to buying their phone. You also discussed the topic quite well and looked at both sides equally. Your use of hyperlinks really worked well with your post as well, and linked to some great sources!

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