Through My Eyes: Movie Magic


Let’s make one thing clear my memory sucks!! So now that I have to recall my own memories for a successful or failed attempt at going to the cinema, will take a little work and a lot of time.

But here goes nothing!

To be honest I don’t go to the cinema all that often, I usually like to make a special day of it if I an to go. Picking a good film, which I’ve been dying to see (these can be popular culture films or just films that I think I’ll enjoy), selecting the pre and post activities to keep the spirit of the day alive. It all comes together like a ritual, not only for the day but also for other days that involve going to the cinema. However though I may only be able to choose the pre and post activities (or at least get a say on the matter), when figuring out where to sit in the cinema is a different card game all together.

Now I do believe there are certain steps that must be taken into consideration when choosing the cinema, the film, seating arrangements and of course who it is that you go with. Each of these steps can be broken down into Hagerstrand’s three constrains in relation to attendance and logistics of cinema viewing.

Capability Constraints – limits on human movement due to physical or biological factors…access to mobility tools and the availability of temporal and financial resources for conducting activities and making trips (Hagerstrand 1970, Schonfelder and Azhausen 2010, p.38).

Coupling Constraints – restrictions on the autonomous allocation of time due to the need to coordinate with institutional logistics…or interactions with other individuals (Hagerstrand 1970, Schonfelder and Azhausen 2010, p.38).

Authority Constraints – limits on when activities can or cannot take place or where they must or must not be located, imposed by external parties (Hagerstrand 1970, Schonfelder and Azhausen 2010, p.39).

In short this refers to can I get to the location, can I get there on time and am I allowed to be there.

When I go to the cinema the closer the better really, up until recently I have always lived within a 15 minutes drive from the closest cinema making an easy and fast day out to spend with the family and friends. However now that I have moved to a new and developing suburb, it makes matters a little more difficult. Therefore, some serious planning has to be taken regarding timing.

As for the seating arrangement, whether I be with friends or family I still don’t seem to have much say on where in the cinema we sit, apart from knowing as a well rounded rule for all of us…it has to be in the middle of the cinema theatre!! When I go with my family, we have to sit in the seats close to the barrier so that my dad and brother have enough legroom (curse the height gene in my family, that I apparently grow out of after year 6!) When I’m with my friends it’s always up the back so we not only have full viewing of the screen but also of everyone around us. Makes for great people watch before the film actually starts!


Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)

Now I don’t have a particular memory of a successful or failed trip to the cinema, however I do have a memory that sicks out at my like a sore thumb. And that would be my first 3D movie, and of course it would be none other than Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over! I can remember the anticipation I felt to go a watch this film, pretty much begging my mum to take me to watch this spectacular film. I wanted to experience 3D picture first hand, with my cardboard glasses with red and blue lenses. That is and will always be the best day of my life! But since then I haven’t felt as excited to watch a film or actually go to the cinema and enjoy and amerce myself in the experience. Instead I am quite content with staying at home and watching a film I like on Netflix or even DVD (I know who still owns and buys DVD’s….that would be this girl!)

For years now the cinema experience has depleted as streaming site such as Netflix, Stan and Hulu have entered the film market, taking over the want or need to venture out of one’s home to see a film, as they are cheaper, easier and more convenient. In 2014 the cinema industry saw it’s attendance plunge, seeing its lowest attendance since 1995.

Web-based video streaming and illegal downloads are challenging the long-term prospects of the cinemas industry.”

So what does this mean for the cinema industry? Will the cinema industry cease to exist now that virtually everyone is able to get their hands on film content at a push of a button with little cost involved?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Here’s a short video to allow you to reminisce on how far the film industry has come!

Reference List:

Schonfelder, S & Axhausen KW 2010, ‘Time, Space and Travel Analysis: An Overview’, in S Schonfelder & KW Axhausen (eds), Urban Rhythms and Travel Behaviour: Spatial and Temporal Phenomena of Daily Travel, Ashgate Publishing Company, Surrey, p.29-48.


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