Digital Natives

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing my dad (Neel) again on his experiences and views of the Internet and being online.

Neel was introduced to the Internet later on in life so his accounts differ to those who started using the Internet from dial-up. His first interactions with being online were while running a business, having to use Internet to send emails to suppliers and customers. Therefore, connectivity within the household didn’t occur until he had moved out and created a home for himself.

Neel’s first reaction to Internet and being online held a fair bit of scepticism, as he believed that it was just another money making scheme. However, his views today on the fast networking transmissions that almost dictate our lives, as being useful and something of a necessity. Comparing my experiences and views of the Internet and being online, as both a communications and media student and as a millennial, to that of my dad’s is very different. Though our user habits are the same, his view on being on all platforms of social media still baffles him. He still doesn’t truly understand the use of such platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and many more, not to say that I fully do either. However, even though Neel feels safe while being online, his user habits on such platforms like Facebook lack due to a lack of understanding about the platform itself.


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