Cyberspace: The Final Frontier

This weeks topic got a little technical, touching base on cyberspace and cyberpunk before continuing the discussion on centralised and distributed networks. I think this topic in particular really highlights the transformation we are making into virtual reality and how we are ultimately becoming it and how its shaping the future of how we interact in and with the Internet. Creating ‘a new space beyond material borders for a free flow of information, thought, nothing but thought’.

“Cyberspace consists of transactions, relationships, and thought itself, arrayed like a standing wave in the web of our communications. Ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere, but it is not where bodies live.”

– Davos, Switzerland

The cyberpunk movement has brought us to question, what it means to be human in the non-space of the mind? What it means to enter the space of virtual reality when we are still trying to move into a more distributed network.


10 thoughts on “Cyberspace: The Final Frontier

  1. As technology continues to evolve the human population becomes more attached to this technological world. Your quote highlighting the “transformation we are making into virtual reality and how we are ultimately becoming it and how its shaping the future of how we interact in and with the Internet” is what initially captured my attention. This is a point l myself have never thought of before until now, it is very true, we have become accustom to living in a world almost run by virtuality which is happening at a rapidly fast pace. This seems as if it is going to be an ongoing occurrence, so where will it stop?
    Your sound cloud was an awesome idea to add to your post, it was not only capturing but entertaining and engaging. Great post

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  2. The world really is becoming more virtual in every way. Thinking about the future and post human ideas freaks me out. It would have been cool if you included a little bit of an explanation about the distributed network in relation to this, with a link maybe. But really great succinct post, such a creative audio too!

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  3. I must say, I absolutely loved your remediation. I was hooked and I think it’s a great exploration of cyberspace which utilises cyberpunk tropes throughout.
    I think you raised an interesting idea in the audio clip, when you said that cyberpunk is the rebellion against centralised networks, but I think it moves beyond just that. The cyberpunk genre illustrates a fear of losing control to automation, not only online, but through all aspects in our lives. This leads me to the question you posed: What does it mean to be human in the non-space of the mind?
    Are we human if we have control over our own actions, if we have the freedom to make our own choices? Or are we simply human if we authentically believe it to be so – whether or not our physical body matches up with our mental belief? As we enter the VR space, we become further disconnected from our physical identity, engaging with others in the realms of cyberspace. There is no doubt that we are perceived as human, even within this realm despite lack of physical evidence to show. Does this mean the essence of humanity lies not in our physical shell, but rather in our thoughts and decisions?

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  4. Hey! I really like your take on this weeks topic, it’s relative and original. Perhaps you could have emphasised on the characteristics, uses and challenges of the networks apparent through cyberspace. You described cyberpunk briefly but I wanted to know more. Do you think the world could be moving toward a cyberpunk society? Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. I really love how you started your post. Placing yourself as like a system within the computer. The sounds that you make within your recording is interesting as I see that like a gatekeeper. The whispers are stopping you from further interaction to the person you are trying to talk to. I do agree with your point being that people are moving to virtual reality as many other industries are shifting towards that medium. I believe why VR is making such big waves is because we are selling people their dreams. VR allows you to be anything, have superpowers or even explore the world in your home. Keep up the good work!


  6. Well written! Succinct and to the point.
    I love the podcast! So good! A great way to demonstrate and represent what was discussed in the lecture. I liked how you explored the complex connection between real life and virtual reality. Once thing to consider, could be including a bit of atmosphere music in your podcast to further engage your listeners. Like right at the start you could play some spooky/spacey music that builds suspense and further stimulates the senses of the listener. Might be cool to experiment with? Besides that, I really enjoyed your post.


  7. This podcast was great! I loved how you interpreted this weeks topic and spoke as your mind within the computer. You captured the anxieties that come along with cyberpunk and the ideas of separating mind from body. This brings me to think about humanity as a whole at this present moment. Your question, what does it mean to be human in the non-space of the mind has an answer that changes over time. I believe that internet has become this simulation of reality where we as humans co-exist in the world and the reality of the internet. But as time goes on, this distinction between the reality of the world and the reality of cyberspace begins to merge where we no longer live two lives, but just one where it becomes ‘just reality’–now this is a simulacra that is brought up by Henry Jenkins who I seem to always relate back to because its so relevant in today’s day and age. Here is a short summary of his work:
    Going back to your question, because of the of cyberspace, do you think that this ‘non-space of the mind’ has actually become a space? This is where the thoughts, expressions and views of each person come to exist together. Will it go further and delve into the creation of replicants (like Blade Runner) and materialise this space of mind, who knows!

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  8. Wow! I wish I was that creative. The audio was a really cool way to engage with the audience, and at the same time present an idea of what Cyberpunk is. With the increase in technology, and more and more people getting immersed in the virtual world, do you think there will be a point in which we’ve gone to far?

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  9. I’d love to hear more about your ideas on cyberpunk! Maybe that’s an idea for next time, however I really enjoyed your use of the audio clip and the short and easy to comprehend way that you have explained cyberspace, well done!

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  10. Really engaging podcast exploring cyberpunk. The idea that cyberpunk is a rebellion and a way of maintaining control was a really interesting point. The free flow of information is definitely seen through distributed networks and of the different networks it is the hardest to control demonstrating this rebellious idea. Centralized networks are vastly more controlled although the level of control varies greatly. Do you think that the distributed network and the ideas of cyberpunk are a negative one?


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