Television Through The Ages…

Today I interviewed Neelam Haria (aka my dad) on his experiences of television and its changes while he was growing up. Neel was kind enough to allow me to record him for this video and the purpose for the BCM240 topic on television.

Throughout this interview I found that my informant was engaged in the whole conversation relating to television, as it brought back some very exciting memories. Including memories as when they received their first colour television and what they liked to watch the most.

What struck me the most about this conversation was the level of excitement felt when getting a new television or the anticipation felt when being able to sit down and watch a whole TV show from start to finish. Compared to how I view television, living in 2016, the enthusiasm once associated with television does not exist anymore. This is due to the fact that we can view shows that we’ve missed on catchup TV and the excitement to wake up early just to watch cartoons is gone. I do however, feel that when I was younger I perhaps felt enthusiastic to  run downstairs and watch TV in the morning but now that times have changed and technology has advanced so much, I’m able to stay in my bed and watch TV from my phone. Therefore the element of TV from when my informant was younger to myself as I am now is drastically different.

To further this discussion, I would like to talk to my informant about this change of perception from growing up with limited technology when it came to television to how he has experienced it now. It would be interesting to compare how his space in media has changed as technology has developed and how he would have felt if he were growing up now in 2016.

Now I challenge you to ask yourself these same questions and compare your media space to that of Neel! Comment below how you view television!


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