Spoiler Alert: It’s A Dead Society


Over the past 5 weeks I have been going through a list of mine, a list containing different films I have been wanting and meaning to watch, one of them being The Dead Poets Society.

Before watching this I had an image in my head about how I thought this film was going to be portrayed. A young boy, unable to fulfil his dream and therefore giving up before even thinking of a way to overcome the situation and ending up…well you know if you watched it. Having said that this idea came from an episode of Friends, the one with the fake Monica. When Monica’s credit card gets stolen and she meets the women who took her card and in Monica’s mind was “living her life”.

Anyway in the scene the fake Monica was talking about the movie and how it changed her life…granted her character thought it was a terrible movie.

I thought that movie was so incredibly… boring. I mean, that thing at the end where the kid kills himself because he can’t be in the play? What was that?! It’s like, kid, wait a year, leave home, do some community theatre. I walked out of there and I thought, ‘Now, that’s two hours of my life that I’m never getting back’. And that thought scared me more than all the other crap I was afraid to do.”

Now I do realise that the ending has now been uncovered but in my defense I didn’t do it…fake Monica did.

Anyway back to point…this scene from Friends, resonated with me throughout the entirety of the film. The way fake Monica thought it was all plain sailing was completely false. We are constantly being scrutinised for not conforming to society’s standards, and more often then not having to go to such extremes is the only way of getting peoples attention. It’s the sad truth!

To think it would be bliss to know that these standards have been knocked down to make way for a more open and understanding society in this day and age, but the fact is it hasn’t. If anything it was become more of a concern with the issues that we are facing now, due to race, sexuality, gender and age. 

Everything around us is crumbling down and we seem to have too much pride to do anything about it unless the unimaginable happens. I don’t see why we feel the need to set in stone the standards of how we should all be living our lives. But most of all I want to know where these standards came from and why was it so easy for us to fall into them and make them a pillar to how our society should been seen as.

However, along side the pressing issue of society’s views, we are in an age where people are finally breaking the barriers and coming into their own! If there’s one thing I take from this film and what some of us have accomplished is that I don’t need anyones approval or say so to do what I love and what will make me happy!


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