Dancing With The Devil.


13819560_10208138665516842_1199096305_n copy

This piece is a response to the work of Maya Deren’s ‘Violence in Meditation’, Malcolm Le Grice’s ‘Horror Film’ and Douglas Gordon’s ‘Confession of a Justified Sinner’. For this piece I have taken the themes and concepts established by Deren if surrealism and the dreamlike stance, through the art of dance. By crossing the paths of Deren, Grice and Gordon I was able to convert the movement of dance into the movement of film, something Deren focused on while making ‘Violence in Meditation’. Through the use of techniques taken from each artist I was able to take a modern approach on Deren’s ritualistic work, tapping into surrealism and dream through the blurring of the image as well as negative image to highlight the dreamlike trance. By placing the three artists works together I reconstruct Deren’s work into an installation piece, tapping into Gordon’s presentation of two screens as a feature the work, transforming Deren’s work into an interactive art form between the dancer and her shadow.


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