For my camerless film project, my aim was to convey rhythm through the additive and subtractive techniques of paint and scratching. Taking inspiration from Jennifer West, whose work heavily relied on using everyday materials to create a texture, colour and shape. I looked closely into her film ‘A 70mm Film Wearing Thick Heavy Black Liquid Eyeliner That Gets Smeary’, in order to interpret and incorporate her use of thick and thin lines alongside different textures. Unable to incorporate everyday materials to construct a different feel, I looked into it more metaphorically. I wanted to utilise paint the way children do. With finger painting and thin and thick lines as the main accent to help frame the idea of texture. To construct a rhythmic affect while editing I used various techniques such as, duration, speed, repetition and layering. Thus shaping a feeling that tapped into the aspects of life and innocents.


One thought on “Innocents

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