Happiness is a mood, not a destination.


Isn’t it strange how people can feel so lost when they think of happiness as a destination? How we have this belief that someday we will be happy. We look toward the destination of the days we’ll get our dream car, our dream job or that person in our lives that’s going to fix everything that’s broken inside of us.

But we’ve lost sight that happiness is a condition, it comes and it goes and that’s all right.

Yet it seems hilarious to think that happiness doesn’t belong anywhere but with someone or in a place that we wish to be. It still feels like something we have to get to, something that’s meant to be permanent.

But it’s not; happiness is like hunger, tiredness, and sadness. It comes and it goes.

We’re constantly pushing this notion into our minds that we have to earn happiness, that is can’t come with the small and simple things and it can’t come around more than once. Rather that it comes in a big packaged prize which we have to search for or hope we win as part of the grand prize at the local fare. We seem to miss the fact that happiness is within us, as well as into the things we do, the people we see, the places we go

The sooner we realise this, the sooner we’ll find happiness more than once in a lifetime.

I’ve been going through a rough patch at the moment; one that I didn’t realise would hit me so hard. And I became one of those lost souls who believed that my happiness had been taken away by a person because that’s where I felt the most happy, the most free. And though I’m not happy to admit it I do feel that way from time to time. I have come to the realisation that I never lost the happiness that I once felt before but in fact that I had just lost sight in hope and the feeling that I could be happy again.

I believed that I only had one shot in that particular type of happiness. It doesn’t seem like that particular feeling of happiness could come around more than once and if it did not so regularly. But the longer I feel like this the longer it won’t come around. I have to let myself believe in it again.

I think we see ourselves as broken in a world that broken with no way out and when we find that glimpse of happiness and hope we cling on to it for dear life. We put our all into it and treasure it. Then when the time comes and it’s taken away from us we feel like fate has been betrayed us and in the mist of all this sadness we believe that we just don’t deserve it.

And that’s when we feel like our worst selves. That’s when we sit and envy all the people who have someone in their lives, or have their dream job to make them happy. But I don’t see that anymore, when I see people walk past with the ones they love, or their lives on track. I realise that they are the ones that saw happiness as an emotion and not the destination they wished to get to. They are the ones that saw happiness show its face more than once and they allowed themselves to see it.

So just keep in mind that, it’s okay to feel a little miserable every now and again, even though things may seem at their best.

Just as it’s okay to feel a little hungry every now and again.


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