The Shattered Illusion

So we’ve all seen such reality TV shows such as Toddlers in Tiaras and many other pageant shows which show case young girls in the media as adults, if you will, dressed to the nines with short dresses and make-up that would be deemed as catwalk worthy. But have we really ever thought twice about it? I mean other than being disgusted or scared out of your mind by how doll like they all look and changing the channel!


But have you ever thought deeper into it? I know I haven’t, until now that is…Now all I think of when I see children in the media are, are they being sexualised or manipulated for financial gain? How has corporate paedophilia grown so drastically?

Okay so I’ve probably lost you at corporate paedophilia. So lets take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

It has been an on going debate that children in the media are being taken and manipulated into losing their innocence, their ‘childhood’ per say and being made to look and act like adults when they shouldn’t be. That corporate companies have been using children as way to sell products, driving into the metaphor of corporate paedophilia. It is this debate that had sparked moral panic amongst society, for what we now like to classify as out of control youths.

This moral panic is stirred from the way young children are portrayed through the media, especially for young girls being told to pose provocatively to please the eye of the camera. This has a lot to do with over exposing and sexualisation of young children. The most prominent coming from Vogue’s child star Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau.

original Thylane-Lena-Rose-Blondeau

Here we can see major manipulation of the young star, who has been made to look older than she really is, adding to the hysteria, that is the moral panic.

Although my main though on this whole topic is, where did this moral panic come from? We are quick to place the blame on the media giving it the title of corporate paedophilia, but is it not safe to say that society who had created this problem to begin with? We supply the companies with the money and ideas, yet we stand by with the notion that the media is to blame.

This topic closely relates back to all that I have spoken about in the pervious weeks, on the blame game on media, semiotics what we see and what we associate certain images with, who owns the media, the public sphere and the topic which brings it all together the media effects model. Through each of these topics my eyes have been opened further to the wonders, which is the media.

Looking back on each of these topic, I realize how relevant they are to me and how I precevie the media. Also these viewpoints have shattered the illusion I once had, I realised I’ve always had slight ideas and opinions of these topics but never really knew what they were all about, so I would always push them aside. But now I have a deeper understanding of them all, everything that I thought before has been put into perspective.

My mind will never be the same again.


3 thoughts on “The Shattered Illusion

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. It flows seamlessly and a story certainly comes across. Speaking about structure first, I like how you broke up your piece with, ironically, media in photos and videos. Along with the numerous paragraphs that weren’t too large, so at an adequate size which helps the piece move smoothly. The language you use is well balanced and I like your subtle humour sentences, which tie in what you will talk about next. For example, speaking directly to the reader about their confusion (presuming they are not BCM students) on corporate paedophilia, then placing a video to explain. It’s a nice little inclusion.

    I agree completely on your statement regarding the media and the blame game. In these 6 weeks, we have all been enlightened to a new perspective and like you said, will stick with us for a long time. I already notice now when I see a story in the media, and I think whether it is the media’s fault or is it the society, because ultimately we feed the mouths of the media. They create content on what us as a society do, and some times they will take advantage of it, with “corporate paedophilia” being an obvious exploitation for fame and greed, but it had to start somewhere and one must raise the possibility of society being the creators. So when you said that too, I was over the moon.

    Your concluding paragraph was a nice summary of how all BCM students look at these situations, like I said earlier, I too look at things differently, but by reading other BCM blogs, we all seem to share similar opinions. Once again, nice blog, well done.

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    • Thank you! I’m glad my post was pleasing to you, and was well balanced. I’m also pleased that someone understood my humour, I’m always afraid that I’m either not that funny or my jokes go right over people heads.

      It’s true, this course has changed the way I view the media, I can’t watch or look at an advert anymore without thinking if children are being sexualised, if we are being brain washed by the few that own the media and how media platforms have possibly blow this story out of proportion. I’m happy to know that I am not the only one who now thinks this way about the media. I mean I still love the media, but this course and all that I have learnt has put the media in a different light for me, neither which is too bad nor too good.


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