The Art of Noise…

During this week I have discovered that noise can be art. Who knew? I only figured this out while I was recording some sound clips for my assignment. Now it wasn’t just then that it hit me that noise is art. In fact I just went round and recorded any noise that I could find that related to what I wanted to link to the notion of authority.

On that note I finally decided what I wanted my 1-minute sound piece to be on, it took a while but I finally got there! I was watching television the other day and it got me thinking about how the media controls us and has an unseemly amount of power over us, getting us to do things without us even noticing. Granted this does fit in conjunction with my topics being learnt in my media and communications class. We had been talking about the blame being placed on the media and if it was justified and that’s what got me thinking, we are robots to the media and it devices or mediums, if you must call them. Which again links to another one of my media and communications courses stating that ‘the medium is the message’.

But enough about the back-story on how I got my idea, this post is about how I got noise to turn into art. I had finished recording all the sounds that I though would link back to my idea. I recorded my ambient background sound that was a singing bowl I brought down from home, I recorded myself flicking through the channels on the television getting a wide range of sounds ranging from adverts to news reports and TV shows, I captured clicking of keys on a key board, looking in the fridge, playing with plastic bag and running water from the tap.

Now I’m not going to lie I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the sounds I had recorded not knowing where to start. But I decided to play around my with ambient sound, slowing it down and repeating it. It was after that, that things started falling into place; I was able to just place pieces of sound in anywhere I felt it needed it, playing around with effects changing the sound completely in some cases.

This was when I had my huzzah moment! I had found the art in noise; I had created art out of everyday noise with meaning that stretched deeper that what was just carried on the surface. There’s still more to be done but it’s getting there, just needs some fine-tuning but that’s progress!

Until next time…

You’ve been you and I’ve been Schoenberg.


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